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UIC at 8th ITME 2008

Spinning Cans


We manufacture Aluminum and HDPE, Rivetless & Rivetted Spinning Cans in conformance with International Standards. With Diameter ranging from 9" to 60" and height varying from 36" to 72", each can comes with sturdy top and bottom G.I / S.S accessories, anti-slip and anti-fibre rupture Plastic Top Cover. Furthermore, High Tensile spring steel wire duly heat treated is used for longer life. Springs are supplied with "TIE" arrangement for Auto Can                                                Doffing. Stabilized pentograph spring is                                                recommended for bigger diameter cans.                                                Finally, Nylon wheel swivel ball bearing                                                castors are provided for smooth mobility. 

Rope Dyeing Cans


These cans are specially designed for Denim manufacturers who use Rope Dyeing Plants. They are manufactured from HDPE cylinders with laminated Wooden base. A pipe Structure with Monkey ladder is provided for ease of working with the can. The dimensions of the can are 60" diameter and 72" height. On an average, a can with 8" Diameter wheel castors has capacity to carry 1 ton of dyed yarn.