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UIC at 8th ITME 2008

Infrastructure for Spinning Cans & Yarn Carriers

Spinning Cans

Sheet Extrusion Plant
  • Imported Sheet Extrusion Plant with a capacity of 90 kg/hr
  • HDPE / PP / ABS sheet : width up to 48" and thickness up to 4 mm
Welding Machine
  • Pneumatic Sheet Welding Machine for welding HDPE sheets for Spinning Cans
  • Finishing Machine to give perfect joint for seamless spinning can
Vacuum Forming Machine
  • Used for ABS Spring Top Cover up to 40" Diameter





Yarn Carriers

Injection Moulding Machines
  • Moulding machines of Klockner Windsor with shot capacity of 450g and 650g
  • Moulding machine having shot capacity of 1400g and dalight of 2m
Ultrasonic Welding Machine
  • For welding Velcro tape to simplex bobbin
Ancillary Machines
  • Humidifier, Hopper Dryer, Colour mixer, Grinder, Cutter, Cooling Tower & Mould Temperature controller